Artist: Bruce Whittaker

Sponsor: Billabong Zoo

Location: Billabong Zoo, 61 Billabong Dr, Port Macquarie

Artist's Statement

The design reflect's the Australian landscape and the animals that inhabit it. Unlike other projects the artist has worked on, painting the sculpture did have its challenges, mainly because it was really important for the artist not to compromise the integrity of the koala image itself. Billabong Zoo is a national leader in its koala breeding program and the design is named after one of the resident koalas at the zoo, called "Stoney".

Artist's Biography

Bruce Whittaker is a familiar face at Billabong Zoo where the Stone’s call him their own “artist in residence”. He has created a number of backdrops to complement the various animal enclosures over the years. Bruce's latest artwork at Billabong Zoo is featured at the Meerkat enclosure.

Bruce call's himself a ‘themer’ rather than an artist. Actually he is a signwriter by trade but over the past few years has been engaged to create themes and backdrops for wildlife parks, zoos, museums and major theme parks. Some of the big attractions Bruce has worked on recently include creating a Coral Sea backdrop for Underwater World in Shanghai, China and SeaWorld on the Gold Coast.