Artist: Pauline Roods

Sponsor: Tyreright - Port Macquarie

Location: 46 Acacia Avenue Port Macquarie

Artist's Statement

Kenny Koala is a realistic Koala, painted to represent "Tyreright" and his namesake, Kenny Moon, who is a well-regarded member of the Port Macquarie-Hastings community. I have given great attention to the realistic detail on Kenny Koala. I wanted him to look like anyone could ask him a question and he could stand up and change a tyre in a trice. When you look at Kenny's eyes he has personality and his fur is so realistic, he looks soft to pat. I haven't forgotten the important tools of his trade – see if you can name them or spot his fellow workers at Tyreright Port Macquarie using them. I hope people get as much enjoyment from seeing Kenny Koala as I did bringing him to life. 

Artist's Biography

Pauline Roods has been painting for over 20 years. She is a realist, with a preference to work with acrylic and watercolour. Pauline believes these mediums allow her to create pictures with character, expression and dimension. Pauline's goal is not only to present a scene, but to place the viewer within that scene.
Pauline grew up in Port Macquarie, and a love of its natural beauty runs deep in her veins.
Pauline has had a number of exhibitions, and her works hang in collections (both private and commercial) in Australia, Japan, Singapore, America, New Zealand and Fiji.